Yoga on the Beach


What People Are Saying

"This training was very well organized and very thorough...the instructors were very attentive and always kept us engaged in the training. I feel very fortunate to have my training." -Susan

"Jen is such great instructor! There are no other instructors  that I would have taken yoga training with!" -Calysta

"What an amazing experience.  Jen is an incredible teacher, and provided a uniquely holistic teacher training program. The progression and integration of knowledge felt “just right” and I felt ready and excited to teach upon graduation. The school adapted its programming to be in compliance with COVID-19 regulations, but as a student, I never felt that my experience suffered as a result. I had a wonderful experience and feel so grateful to have found this particular program." -Laura

"I highly recommend the teacher training program to anyone looking to deepen their practice or begin their journey as a teacher.  Jen is truly wonderful instructor/human being who is so knowledgeable about many different areas of yoga. She goes the extra mile to invest into her students and created an unbelievably special program and continuation of the lineage. This program truly encompasses a full mind, body, and soul wealth of knowledge to help you feel confident to begin teaching. It works with multiple learning styles to make sure everyone is absorbing the knowledge, and ensure that you will feel confident in ALL 8 limbs not just the Asanas (body postures). This program has changed my life and I can't recommend it highly enough!!!" -Ben

"The training  was an amazing experience that changed my life. The teachers went above and beyond to provide us with the knowledge and tools to become a knowledgeable and confident yoga instructor. I highly recommend this training to anyone interested in becoming a Yoga instructor." -Marissa

"The environment and space provided were conducive to learning beyond the mechanics of the asanas. It was a wonderful, trans-formative experience." -Jennifer

"My experience with  teacher training program was a beautiful, deeply- satisfying and life-changing opportunity to grow and learn!" -Amy

"This program is as much about personal growth as it is about "yoga". The instructors are passionate about providing a program that meets each student where he or she is and encourages personal and spiritual growth within any/all/no spiritual belief system. They told me I would change in unimaginable ways and I have. I am so very grateful for this experience." -Julie

The training I received went above and beyond my expectations. It was a complete life changing experience. Not only was I taught the techniques and principals of yoga safely and competently, I was given the knowledge and will to better my own life, so that I may extend this to others. I would recommend this training program to anyone I meet. -Hannah

I have been a student and friend of Jens for about 5 years and when she asked me to write a testimonial for her I thought this will be easy then I started to think about how amazing she is then realized that words cannot begin to describe how much time, love and energy she puts into her yoga practice, classes and being a YTT facilitator but I’m going to try my best. I still remember the first yoga class I took with Jen and what stands out most is her presence and kind and loving nature. From the moment we met she treated me as if we had been friends  for years. A few months after we met I was fortunate enough to go to YTT with her as a lead facilitator. I have learned not only about yoga from Jen but also how to love myself and heal myself. Before meeting Jen I had been suffering for many years and since meeting Jen my life keeps getting better and more full. She is one of the main reasons that I’m on my healing path as well as a path of self love and discovery. Jen has been so open about her own life and struggles which has encouraged me to be more open with others and it’s helped me immensely.  Over the years I have learned from her what it truly means to be a Yogi. Jen teaches that yoga isn’t just about the postures, it’s a way of life. She is one of the best examples I know on how to be the change you wish to see in this world. She teaches that with love, time, energy and thoughtfulness you can achieve anything. Anyone who is lucky enough to know Jen either as a friend, through yoga or Reiki can attest to what a beautiful and strong human being she is.  - Marissa

When I met Jen Rivera I had been "Doing" yoga for quite a while. I started taking classes with her and Yoga took on a whole new meaning for me.  Her beautiful energy and caring way of guiding you brings you to a place of embodying the practice...coming in to a pure space of Body, Mind and Spirit and Yoga becomes a healing, energizing  part of your Life,,, a way to live in a more peaceful state and come into a state of TRUE WELLBEING!

She is an inspiration to everyone, and has a way of connecting to students and relating to where they are in life, in their a caring, compassionate way, helping them realize the best version of themselves.

I was inspired to train with her and become a Yoga instructor myself. She is so thorough in her training, encompassing all aspects of yoga and instilling you with an empowered feeling that you CAN instruct others in the same safe, caring, compassionate way she does, and bring the same feeling of WELLBEING into their life and the lives of their future students.

I can say, whole heartedly, that practicing yoga, and my Teacher Training with Jen has truly been one of the most life enhancing experiences of my Life.

Jen Rivera is, and always will be, my inspiration to practice and teach yoga...I am eternally grateful for her and her teachings!!!