Healing is Never Linear

One thing I have come to learn in life, is healing is not a destination we arrive at. The reason is life is always going to have its ups and downs and as it is we have the opportunity to pursue happiness and healing. In my opinion we can cultivate tools that make this process a lot easier to navigate and move through. For me these have been so helpful when those hard times arrive.

For so long I thought if I just do the work I will get to the healing finish line and be done. As I have moved through many things in my 41 years on this earth I have come to find that this is not so. But everything in life has parallels, up and down, hot and cold, energized and tired, dark and light, happy and sad. The key I have found is to try and embrace them all and arrive somewhere in between.

The inbetween lies in not judging where you are but mindfully guiding yourself into a space of non judgment and understanding. In order to do this one must offer supportive tools such as meditation, awarenes, and gratitude. Yoga is such a great avenue to arrive in these places. Coming back to our breath can put us in a place of rest and digest and the present moment. It is said anxiety is being to focused on the future, and depression is from being to far in the past. There for one can understand the gift and power of being present, which yoga also cultivates.

Five Ways To Be Present

▪️Breath (inhale for 5, exhale for 5)

▪️Name 5 things you are grateful for

▪️Move your body to move energy (walk, dance, yoga, swim, play, etc.

▪️Laugh (watch a funny show, or hang with friends that you have fun with)

▪️Sing or chant out loud, this vibrates the vocal cords and tones the vagas nerve

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